Choi's Hawthorn

On the plate, fine Chinese cuisine should first offer the diner a feast for the eyes, then the nose. In the mouth, it should offer a sensation of textures and, of course, a delicate balancing act of flavours – sweet, salty and sour. To interpret this centuries-old cuisine with a modern sensibility, a chef needs to have thoroughly immersed himself in its traditions so he knows how to break the rules with respect.

David paid his dues cooking for a number of years in major Singapore hotels and Melbourne's renowned Flower Drum restaurant. During this time, he began to instinctively interpret the Chinese cuisine he knew so well, offering a refreshing contemporary twist and creating a style that is uniquely his own.

It's this food that has made Choi's a success for over 20 years and inspires David to continually surprise his diners with new tasting experiences. But don't worry. The signature dishes that draw people back to Choi's, again and again, will always have a place on the menu. Dishes like our delicate Shanghai Crab Dumplings and the popular Garfish, stuffed with seasonal vegetables and mushrooms, with a master stock infused sauce.

At the same time, the inspiration provided by our fresh, seasonal produce means you'll always find something special to try on our menu. In fact, bleary-eyed, early-morning regulars at Melbourne's fresh food markets will know that David is a familiar sight, poring over fresh seafood, vegetables and exotic herbs and spices, shaping the specials menu for the day in his head as he goes along.