Choi’s stands alone as a culinary oasis along a leafy stretch of Riversdale Road in Hawthorn.
An unassuming facade disguises an elegantly decorated interior that showcases a traditional Chinese identity in a modern outfit. Food lovers, friends and families from across Melbourne have flocked to Choi’s to enjoyed casual lunches and banquet dinners to celebrate milestones, achievements and special occasions for 20 years. The hidden gem promises a refined yet dynamic interpretation of traditional Cantonese cuisine that has stood the test of time and taste.

At the helm is David Yap – a protégé of Melbourne’s very own Flower Drum, a culinary institution. While such a pedigree and association no doubt turns heads, it is David’s passion for food and his innovation that has made Choi’s a go to destination for contemporary Cantonese cuisine. David’s signature is his new take on centuries old techniques and recipes. His ability to respect the hallmarks of traditional Chinese cuisine while pushing the red pocket envelope with new ingredient combinations and presentation results in a crafted menu that pays homage to his roots, while exciting and engaging a broad range of palates.


A demonstration of Choi’s culinary creativity is the Seafood Parcel – an interpretation of the Chinese money bag wonton. Freshly picked prawn, crab and mushroom is carefully blended and wrapped in a delicate egg white pancake shell before being laid to rest on a bed of black truffle sauce and zucchini slices; garnished with dill and an edible flower to create a feast for the senses.

The addition of premium grade Wagyu Beef on the Chef’s Banquet is a deliberate choice. Made to order, the tender beef soaks up the flavoursome home-made soya sauce base and its buttery texture balances perfectly with chewy Cantonese E-Fu egg noodles. The Chef Special Four Style Scallops is an assortment of gently pan-fried scallops embellished with a quartet of condiments. The XO sauce will ignite the tastebuds, while the ginger and spring onion will engage the senses. The garlic infused Peking sauce is a perfect equilibrium between sweet and sharp while the spicy salt will satisfyingly linger in the mouth to prolong your pleasure. The live lobster is an impressive centrepiece worthy of any special occasion. Whether it is traditionally steamed and infused with ginger, garlic and soy sauce or lightly battered and sprinkled with spicy salt and fresh-cut chilli and lemon, Choi’s live lobster always maintains a formidable stance on the plate that commands attention.

The perfect dining experience is a happy marriage of fine food and wine and attentive service. Bring your own wine or let the dedicated and experienced team at Choi’s recommend the perfect accompaniment to your dish. Almost a feature of the restaurant itself, Choi’s glass-walled, and climate-controlled wine cellar is teeming with a carefully selected range of 6000 local and imported wines; from crowd favourites to obscure and rare vintages.

Whether you’re catching up with family, showing off to your friends from interstate, celebrating a birthday or anniversary or hosting an important meeting – Choi’s has a dining experience for anyone and everyone.